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Julien Taramarcaz


Young, ambitious and fearless are the words that describe Julien Taramarcaz precisely. He doesn‘t get intimidated or even impressed by the palmares he lines up next to. He is not afraid of throwing himself into the deep end.

2011 was Julien‘s first year as a mountainbiker. In the past, he had tested his potential and luck on the road and in cyclocross. At the 2011 Swiss MTB championships, Julien allowed us to get a glimpse on what may lie ahead of the Valais resident when he placed 4th behind teammate Balz Weber. Julien proved is love for wet and muddy conditions when he won the Swiss cyclocross championship to start off 2012 in great style.

Growing up in the French part of Switzerland, directeur sportif Alex Moos has always been Julien‘s role model. It serves as great honor and motivation to him to be on one team with his childhood hero.


Facts, Figures & Insights

Date of birth:

November 12th, 1987

Place of birth:

Fully, Switzerland


Fully, Switzerland





Pro athlete since: 2010
Hobbies: Fruit-growing, mountains
Favorite moment in sports: World Junior Championships cyclocross
Favorite moment in life: Everyday on my bike
Favorite area to ride a bike: Wallis Mountains (Switzerland)
Favorite bike race: World Cup Val di Sole/ITA
Favorite workout: Interval training
Favorite BMC model: teamelite TE01
Ten years from now, ... I will be a famous mountainbiker
If I was re-born, I would... be a mountainbiker
After I finish my athletic career, I want to... grow fruits as a profession
I advise young athletes to... dare to dream and live those dreams

If I had three wishes to come true, they would be:

1. never be sick

2. to live my dreams

3. to be the best in the world

Coaches' name: Jean-Marc Coendet
First coach: Jean-Marc Coendet
Wattage at individual aerobic-anaerobic threshold: 356W
Vo2max: 72,8 ml/kg*min.
Personal website:

Career Highlights



Swiss Cyclocross Champion 2012


2nd World Junior Championships Cyclocross


European Junior Champion Cyclocross


Swiss Junior Champion Road


Swiss Junior Champion Cyclocross


2nd Swiss U23 Championships Individual Time Trial


Swiss U23 Champion Cyclocross


3rd Superprestige Finals / BEL Cyclocross


3rd Swiss Championships Cyclocross


4th Swiss Championships MTB 2011


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